Baby care. A flu shot for children


In now's world a question of vaccination is very serious, however ordinary citizens, so rightly as parents who are vaccinated or not to vaccinate your kids. Thanks to television. Press and beloved Internet, opinions vary opposite ofttimes did not have to a root of the issue. Many parents, having read a frightening statistics some the grave consequences of grafting, or worse, death, simply refuse a baby of vaccination. Others, on a contrary, at a slightest provocation strive to "protect" a newborn, independently assigning him a course of vitamin or enrolling in regular vaccination of anything.

Judge, of course, the last thing, how I decided to help sort out this matter and avoid a most common mistakes. Advise on immunization with a friend who is an infectious disease, so correctly how re-read a lot of medic literature, that you may not suspect a trick.

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Child. What helf puree for babies


Since the puree for kids are done with fruits and vegetables, they deliver to the child's aging body, all substances contained in them:

Vitamin (especially folic and ascorbic acid, beta-carotene);

Mineral salts (potassium, iron);

Carbohydrates (glucose, starch);

Dietary fiber (cellulose, pectin).

In view of this, melon and veggie purees kiddies specifically helpful in anemia, rickets, constipation, a big weightiness, but as well for the prevention of these diseases. You are particularly beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract of the baby.

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Baby attention. Nature of Newborn


"My son - a bad character! And whom did he go? ", - Complains a young mom girlfriend. "And my - just same a mum in law. That there must be so ugly! "- Tells her that.

Character. What is the property and so it is formed? Whether a person is born with a certain character or whether it is produced in a process of education, under a influence of external factors? On this subject, lots of debate, but one thing is clear: a person's character - a extremely individual quality, which is almost impossible to change. Although with this statement is debatable, if a highly strong desire, patience and willpower, some traits can yet be changed. Therefore rephrase the proposal and say that it is highly heavily to change the character, but if you wish, you can. Читать полностью -->


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Newborn. Soups for kids under one year


We've learned that lunch need certainly be broth. However we were taught back in a Soviet kindergartens, as taught now in a gardens of our infants and so say most Russian pediatricians and parents. But is it really indispensable for kids soup? Controversy on this subject alone inflame. Many Western pediatricians believe that if a baby does not claim to eat first - no question with that. He will fill the body's need for fluids other method. Russian, doctors assured: in a regime of our infants need certainly be bisque, any day!

By and big, it is still decided by the moms and dads. Читать полностью -->

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