Mums. What to bring down the temperature of the child


No sane pediatrician did not tell you to bring down the temperature of a child with an increase to 37 ° C or however. Meanwhile, at a temperature of at 38oS most of them prescribe an antipyretic, and it is potential that a scheme: for example, in a first and evening. You should not do. Temperature, a child may run off only when required, when there are increased to highly high marks, or in the following cases:

If a temperature rises above 38oS newborn up to 3 weeks;

If a temperature rises above 39oS in a baby under 6 weeks;

At more big temperatures, when there is muscle tension (a baby may not tilt the chin to a chest);

At the elevated temperature, if a child has been identified disorders of a heart or nervous system;

At a temperature above 37.5 ° C, if there are (or were in a past) seizures;

Child is not sleeping, naughty, is restless;

Baby completely refuses to eat and drink.

Love note that the temperature in babies should not be measured during feeding: at this point it is you physiologically increases.

Love To wishlist that we are all varied, as the alone true council It is possible to give someone. See how a baby reacts to the temperature rise and when the unsafe feature specifically his.

You enjoy to understand that not knock temperature - does not mean nothing. Even at deep elevations of a baby must be given a great quantity of warm alkaline drinking.

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