Care of a child. Hepatitis B in children


During convalescence (recovery) in patients with uncomplicated disease begins approximately 3-4 days with a start of a rash. A baby in the recovery sluggish, irritable, drowsy. A body temperature is normal, the rash gradually fades, new rash absent catarrhal phenomena fading. The rash fades in a like ordering in which appeared, leaving pigmentation, which lasts for 1-2 week so completely goes away. Upon the disappearance of a rash is ofttimes marked by small defurfuration. During rekonvalistsentsii marked immunosuppression.

Distinguish betwixt typical and atypical forms of measles, which differ in a severity of clinical symptoms.

To the atypical forms of a disease are mitigirovannaya measles, measles in vaccinated infants and the first half of life, hypertoxic and haemorrhagic measles.

Mitigirovannoy measles affects babies who prophylactically administered immunoglobulin or blood items sparkled. Atypical forms mitigirovannoy measles, measles in vaccinated kids and a first six months of life clinically mild. A incubation time of a disease is longer than a typical shape, catarrhal period and the period of short-lived rash. A typical symptom of measles - spots Bielski-Filatov-Koplik often absent. Stages rash absent.

When hypertoxic and hemorrhagic forms of a disease is heavily, with severe intoxication, and a rise in temperature to big numbers. Eruptions possess drain character, covers all the facial skin, capturing a palmar and plantar surfaces. When eruptions, accompanied by hemorrhage (bleeding), marked bleeding with a mouth, nose and intestines.

Complications of measles associated with lesions of a respiratory and digestive and nervous system: pneumonia, bronchitis, measles, croup, stomatitis, acute indigestion, encephalitis. As well may cultivate myocarditis, blepharitis, keratitis.

The general approach of diagnosis are serological methods blood tests (TPHA, RN, RAC) determining antibodies and increase to 4 or more minutes a day 10-14 of a disease.

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