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"My son - a bad character! And whom did he go? ", - Complains a young mom girlfriend. "And my - just same a mum in law. That there must be so ugly! "- Tells her that.

Character. What is the property and so it is formed? Whether a person is born with a certain character or whether it is produced in a process of education, under a influence of external factors? On this subject, lots of debate, but one thing is clear: a person's character - a extremely individual quality, which is almost impossible to change. Although with this statement is debatable, if a highly strong desire, patience and willpower, some traits can yet be changed. Therefore rephrase the proposal and say that it is highly heavily to change the character, but if you wish, you can. Not every woman is taken for such a responsible job and not all started, succeed.

Do not confuse this term with the term "temperament." Temperament called innate characteristic which depends on the reactivity, mobility, and sustainability psychiatric child. Temperament is a biological factor that directly affects a character of the newborn. In addition, there is some, equally important factor in the formation character - social. It refers to

The influence of education, moms and dads and individuals around them, their behavior, the relationship between a associates, culture and so on.

However what is the - character? In simple words, it is a establish of specific qualities, determine its behavior. The nature of man is done up of emotional, intellectual, volitional, and moral traits.

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