What to bring down the temperature of the child


No sane pediatrician did not tell you to bring down the temperature of a baby with an increase to 37 ° C or however. Meanwhile, at a temperature of at 38oS most of them prescribe an antipyretic, and it is possible that a scheme: for example, in the early and evening. You must not do. Temperature, a newborn may run off only when indispensable, when there are increased to very big marks, or in the following cases:

If a temperature rises above 38oS child up to 3 months;

If the temperature rises above 39oS in a newborn under 6 months;

At highly high temperatures, when there is muscle tension (a newborn can not tilt the chin to a chest);

At a elevated temperature, if a baby has been identified disorders of a heart or nervous system;

At a temperature above 37.5 ° C, if there are (or were in a past) seizures;

Child is not sleeping, naughty, is restless;

Newborn completely refuses to eat and drink.

Please To wishlist that a temperature in infants must not be measured upon feeding: at this point it is you physiologically increases.

Like To wishlist that we are all different, however the only true advice It is possible to give anyone. See how your newborn reacts to a temperature rise and when a unsafe feature specifically his.

You enjoy to understand that not knock temperature - does not mean nothing. Even at little elevations of a child should be given a great amount of soft alkaline drinking.

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