Child maintenance. If your newborn refuses to eat soup


Well, you want first find out a taste preferences of a palate. Perhaps you add to the dish something that crumbs do not similar more much.

Secondly, strive to connect the newborn to create a meal. A baby with delight to ablution fresh vegetables for lunch or fill up in a pan rump. And if all this will put put under a support of a fantastic story on a subject, he will want to at least strive what came of it.

Frequently kids eat, however to speak, for a company. Sit down at a dinner desk all a family. May you put a item and Bunny. Читать полностью -->

Soups for babies under one year


We've learned that lunch should certainly be soup. How we were taught back in a Soviet kindergartens, however taught currently in the gardens of our kids and how say most Russian pediatricians and parents. But is it really necessary for babies soup? Controversy on this subject only inflame. A lot of Western pediatricians believe that if the child does not want to eat 1st - no problem with that. He will fill a aging body's should for fluids other way. Russian, doctors assured: in a schedule for of our kids want certainly be broth, every time!

By and great, it is yet decided by a moms and dads. Читать полностью -->

Moms. Nature of Child


"My son - a bad character! And whom did he go? ", - Complains a beautiful mum girlfriend. "And my - just same a mother in law. That there should be however ugly! "- Tells her that.

Character. What is the capacity and however it is formed? Whether a person is born with a certain character or whether it is produced in a process of education, under a influence of external factors? On this subject, a lot of debate, but one item is clear: a person's character - a extremely individual capacity, which is almost impossible to change. Although with this statement is debatable, if a much strong desire, patience and willpower, any traits may yet be changed. Therefore rephrase a proposal and say that it is more hard to replace a character, but if you wish, It is possible to. Читать полностью -->

Upkeep of a newborn. A construction of thinking in infants


And remember - is great not only range of a crib for your child, but also its location. Most of all - in a first some weeks it will be shown in the parent rooms. Correctly, if the newborn is head to the north or east. It is important that a place was bright, warm air is blown. In this case a window or a battery and do not call. Preferably complete a bed did not hang up - the shelves, pictures, lockers - refuse. Читать полностью -->

Baby. When administered in a regimen of baby puree


Except juices, which grudnichka introduced primarily how a complementary fresh food, the diet food is first child will be just mashed.

Initially Babe must acquaint with strawberries puree, and beginning from the like fruits, however in the case of extract: this is normally an big apple. Mashed foods introduced in TWO-3 weeks of the the extract, or about the size of a fifth 30 days of life. Input a new fruit in a like manner however a juices. Usually chosen for this plum, apricot, peach, raspberry, black currant. To the note that most fruits get a laxative capacity, and blueberries on the contrary - crepes. Pear and banana capacity on the baby's aging body is very individual and may cause diarrhea how good so constipation.

If all goes rightly, soon in a diet should be introduced crumbs and mashed vegetables. Читать полностью -->

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